mod_perl and mod_python, is perl better for that task?

Pedro Vale Lima eq3pvl at
Mon Mar 20 17:31:22 CET 2000

Aahz Maruch wrote:

> If you don't need to use Apache, you might consider using Zope, which is
> a full-blown platform for supporting Python web applications.  (You
> could even do what we're doing and proxy Apache requests through to
> Zope; it was easier for us than trying to embed Zope.)

I like Zope a lot. But it just doesn't seem the right tool for simple sites with
lot's of traffic (at least yet).

Really, could mod_python be as good as mod_perl? There are more than
400000 site running mod_perl, including sites with huge traffic like
slashdot or imdb. PyApache and Httpdapy don't seem to be causing
much of enthusiasm in Pythonland. Why? If mod_python could be
as good as mod_perl I think there would be few reasons to use perl.

Are there other reliable ways of using python for high traffic serving.
Could some of you gurus open the knowledge book a little? Is it not worth
going in the mod_python direction? Damm, mod_perl seems a really great

By the way, It seems that yahoo uses python (at least in the
files end with .py). Does anybody know how they serve the files? Is it standard
CGI with tons of hardware?


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