Python and PostgreSQL

Martin Skøtt mskott at
Sun Mar 26 14:39:18 CEST 2000

Erno Kuusela <erno at> writes:

> >>>>> "Martin" == Martin Skøtt <mskott at> writes:
>     Martin> Hi How is it with connectivity between Python and the
>     Martin> PostgreSQL database? I have downloadet the PyGreSQL 2.4
>     Martin> module but it seems pretty old and not very complete
>     Martin> (missing make file eg.).
> it is quite complete. it is "missing a make file" because it uses
> the standard python build mechanism ( etc, read
> the installation instructions).

I did read the installation instructions but in the version I
downloaded there are two readme files: README and README.linux. The
RADME.linux file specially mentions Red Hat 5.2 which is my
distribution there fore I follow the instructions in this file and
they clearly state the command "make redhat" which doesn't work
because make can't find a make file.

Many regards
Martin Skøtt
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