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Sun Mar 12 15:03:32 CET 2000

I have been experimenting with using ASP together with Python.  I have
a few questions:

1. I am having problems using the 'import' statement in the global.asa
file.  I have made sure the script language is set to python, but I
have been unable to get this to work.  I get an error when it gets to
the import statement.  Does anyone have any code examples that do this?
[My goal is to import a C extension module and make a connection to my
data source via this extension module - at application startup time,
and to disconnect at exit time.  This connection will be shared by all

2. How do namespaces work in asp pages?  Does each page get it's own
namespace?  Do they all share one?  If an asp page declares a variable
as 'global' and sets a value to it, can other pages access it?  (I
know, you are supposed to use the Application or Session for
global/session data.  I want to know the answer so that I can
understand better how asp works)

3. Are there any "significant" examples available on the net of python
used for an asp application?

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