Object oriented design question: classes with mulitiple functions or multiple classes?

Timothy Grant tjg at avalongroup.net
Fri Mar 24 20:40:24 CET 2000

> >First off a confession, I have always been dreadful at object oriented
> >design.
> Ditto, but I seem to be getting better with experience.
> And the Design Patterns book helped.

Is that actually the title of the book, I'll have to go look for it at
> These days, I get worried when I hear terms like "Master Class".  ;)

Thanks for your input Blake. Much appreciated, I didn't expect a deluge
of response to this, but I thought it would open up an interesting
discussion, so far, you are the only discussee!

Your reasons for the smaller classes go along with my thoughts. My first
project in Tkinter I ended up with a *monster* class, that while
uweildly was not completely unmanageable, but it seemed wrong to me,
hence the question.

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