Python good for translating GUI built in Java?

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>ginsberg at (Matthew L. Ginsberg) writes:
>> I've got a GUI application currently written in Java; it's about 16000
>> lines.
>I do not speak Java, but I've read a few times that Python allows you to
>write smaller programs for similar algorithms, a factor of 8 was mentioned.
This is surely a typo.  I have zero evidence for
a factor that high.  I generally estimate the
compactness of Python as roughly the same as
Java's, and twice as good on occasion.
>For image manipulation and user interfaces, Python has a lot to offer,
>to the point it might be a problem choosing what you would like to use.
Python GUIs indeed have a lot to offer.  There's
frankly likely to be an initial period of
discomfort, simply because other toolkits don't
do things the way Java does.  *Then* you'll be
glad they're different.  Then you'll end up
seeing that each has advantages.

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