Numpy and native Blas

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at
Wed Mar 1 10:00:36 CET 2000

Stan Pawlukiewicz <stanp at> writes:

>    Has anyone built a recent version of Numpy (15 or 15.1) on top of a
> native Blas, in particular, the atlas blas routines under Linux?

I did, on various Unix machines in the past, although I haven't tried
with the atlas package yet.

In general, there are two problems you can run into:

1) There are different conventions for mapping names from Fortran to C.
   The BLAS/LAPACK interface in NumPy supports two of them (identical
   names or appended underscores), but there might be more. Changing
   this is simple, just scan through the interface code and replace
   the symbol names.

2) The Fortran code might rely on external support libraries. Under Linux,
   this shouldn't be more than libf2c, so adding -lf2c should be sufficient.
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