Postgres+Python+Win32 ?

Timothy Grant tjg at
Thu Mar 2 02:16:00 CET 2000

Jeff Koftinoff wrote:
> Hi.
> I have a linux box running postgresql and python, and am able to access the
> database remotely from another linux box. Now I want to be able to access the
> remote postgresql database from a win32 box running python. I found someplace
> the postgresql client DLL library from win32, but has anyone made a pgsql or
> whatever for win32?

Having just been through this, I believe that the easiest solution would
be to use ODBC. You can download a PostgreSQL ODBC driver from the
PostgresSQL ftp site, and then use either the ODBC module that ships
with the Win32 extensions to Python, or download the excellent mxODBC
and use it.

I have successfully been able to code with mxODBC/Tkinter and had the
code developed on my Linux box run pretty much immediately on a Win box.

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