Python tutorial/comparison for C++ programmer

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Wed Mar 22 01:47:12 CET 2000

I tend to think of python as pseudo-code for C++. Check out Appendix F
in the Oreilly book: Programming Python. It does some comparison between
Python and C++.

Also, check out Bruce Eckel (founding member of the ANSI/ISO C++
committee, wrote several C++ books, etc.), he seems to _love_ python.
If you are lucky, and he has time to respond
perhaps he has some pointers for the C++ developer turned python

Personally, I like python for win32, since python maps very nicely to
C++ (i.e. I can look at the MSDN docs in C++ and write python code).

You can easily do low level Windows programming(pipes, threads, etc.)
And of course, the important word is _easily_. It's much faster to
write win32 python and win32 C++. And, if you need it to be C++, you
can first get the basic idea working in python 1st.

Good luck,


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"Tom" <tom-main at> wrote:
> I'm a C++/MFC programmer and I'm interested in learning Python.
> Are there any Python language resources geared to C++ programmers? I
> I'm looking for something that would compare the syntax, concepts,
etc. of
> the two languages, eg. how do the object models differ.
> (I've already found Mark Hammond's Win32/MFC Python stuff.)
> Thanks,
> Tom.
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