DirectX 7 and python

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Fri Mar 10 13:48:07 CET 2000

You could probably do it with SWIG.  The only sample code are the COM
extensions included in win32all - eg, MAPI, AXScript, etc...


"Robert" <soundhack at> wrote in message
news:38c012da$0$2943 at
> Hi,
>      With the release of DirectX 7, MS included a type library for
> Basic users
> to access DX functionality. Apparently (from using the makepy and
win) it
> does not
> provide automation/dispatch interfaces, so python can't access it.
> question is two-fold:
> 1)Has anyone written pythoncom extensions to provide the necessary
> interfaces?
> 2)How does one go about writing a custom interface in pythoncom?
Does anyone
> have some sample code?
> Thanks,
> Robert

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