Python tutorial/comparison for C++ programmer

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Thu Mar 23 14:35:57 CET 2000

wware at (Will Ware) writes:

> In the former domain, unfortunately, Microsoft has a lot of experience
> and if it deemed the effort worthwhile, it probably could "win", i.e. do
> real damage to Python as a useful language. Luckily, Python is not yet a
> sufficiently large blip on their radar to merit that effort.

Yes, I realised this after posting.  But I think you're being far too
cynical; it's not like Java which threatened to form a development
platform in competition to MS's - just what would they stand to gain
from doing "real damage to Python as a useful language".  It's not
like I support MS or use any of their products (hmm, except my
keyboard and my mouse...), but I don't believe they are actually evil.

I suppose it could be viewed as competition to VB, but then that's not
really relavent until Python gets a flashy point n' click GUI, and
even then, if micorsoft ship Visual Python (tm), how does this impact


PS: IIRC, MS paid ActiveState to do help port perl to Win32;
ActiveState are now working in the Python world, so .... I'll leave
that to the rumour mill.

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