Forth like interpreter

Darrell darrell at
Sun Mar 12 17:49:42 CET 2000

"Kragen Sitaker wrote:
> >Kragen Sitaker mentioned in "What if Python Replaced Elisp" that Forth
> >compilers were easy. He's right!
> It was only hearsay!  I have the F83 source but have never understood
> it :)
Python sure expresses it compactly.
I tried reading fig Forth source many years ago, but it was like searching
for a needle in a threaded language.

> Traditionally, Forth includes a vocabulary that lets you assemble stuff
> on the fly.  Execution of a word in the assembler vocabulary either set
> up a parameter (e.g. source register) or appended an instruction to the
> currently-being-built routine.

Wonder what a inline pseudo 'C' syntax for Python might look like.

def  "C" someCcode(y, list1):
    for(int x=0; x < y: ++x)


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