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Mon Mar 27 03:56:39 CEST 2000

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>It is old...
>Does anyone know if this is going to revive?
>> >                         .
>> >                         .
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>> > Something with a name like *Python Journal*
>> The last issue is more than one yaer old, or did I miss something?
My answer was deliberately coy.  Initiatives this long
dormant I generally leave undisturbed, to slumber in
peace.  However, it's the right name, and *Python Journal*
has had absolutely top-notch people working (if distract-
edly) on it.  For all I know, it'll only take one more
energetic individual to push it to a new state, which
teams its technical strength and precision with a
sustainable and gratifying publication schedule.  Maybe
it'll even make someone richandfamous.

Here's my summary:  anyone who has a Python story to tell 
can already get it published; I'll happily work with
interested individuals.  Those who want a *Python Journal*
can probably help create one, with a lot of the groundwork
already in place.  If your ambition is just to read some-
thing like *Python Journal*, subscribe to "Python-URL!"
<URL:> and stay

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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