Sharpening comparative concepts (was: Java vs Python)

Cliff Crawford cjc26 at
Tue May 16 23:18:05 EDT 2000

* Cameron Laird <claird at> menulis:
| I've been thinking about I/O.  Is Java *wrong*
| (in the sense that, say, inter-module communi-
| cation through FORTRAN common blocks is an
| unacceptable hazard), or just different, in
| this regard?  Myself, I much prefer event-ori-
| ented programming, and think that threads are
| generally dangerous in the hands of amateurs;
| on the other hand, I find Java's I/O just a
| *different* programming model, one not inher-
| ently inferior.

I'd guess that waiting for a condition on a pool of, say, 10 sockets
would be faster and less memory/cpu intensive than doing context
switches between 10 different threads over and over again.

but-I'll-let-someone-else-do-the-benchmarks-ly y'rs,

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