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Mark Hammond mhammond at
Tue May 2 07:49:04 CEST 2000

"David Lees" <debl.nospamm at> wrote in message
news:390E1B0E.D973BEEF at
> Yes you are correct about the version.  You imply that something has to
> have VBA for me to be able to talk to it using Python?  I thought I
> could start up word from Python by just knowing it's COM name?  In fact,
> I can find the CLSID in the registry, but have no idea how to use that
> in place of "word.application".

The older versions of Word used a different name that currently escapes

There is no decent way to browse the COM objects by name, other than by
hand (or, I suppose, with a quick Python script :-)

Basically, you browse the top-level of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.  Any key with a
CLSID value is likely to be the name of the COM object (and FYI, if you
then look this CLDID key up under HKCR\CLSID, you will find the
implementation details for the object)


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