PalmPilot and python

Jeff Senn senn at
Wed May 10 22:21:11 CEST 2000

Jeff Collins <collins at> writes:
> memory.  First, on the PalmIII (PalmOS 3.0), there is only about 48K
> (roughly 96K total) of usable heap space, a large portion of which the
> python VM gobbles upon initialization.  This is improving on the newer
> devices, which contain as much as 256K of heap.  The small 4K stack

FWIW- on a similar project we are considering writing a malloc-ish
thing for the Palm that uses a records in a "scratch database" as
"heap".... just a thought... (Gah! I wish they got PalmOS least it's not WinCE...)

Any psychic energy I can send along to aid the Palm port is on its


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