hungarian notation is evil (was Re: Do I always have to write "self." ?)

David invalid.address at
Fri May 5 18:00:59 EDT 2000

On 4 May 2000 22:24:16 GMT, kc5tja at (Samuel A. Falvo II)
>Then I realized, "You know -- it's just not worth it."  We're arguing over
>personal preferences here.  But I was still angry enough to not just let it
>go myself.
>So in the end, I too need to apologize.

God, I love this newsgroup/community!

I haven't programmed a line of Python in about a year, but I'm still
reading and learning, just because it's so *nice* to be here.

Thanks to *every* sane and sensible person who has ever, or will ever, post
their thoughts, their help, their questions and their ideas here!

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