Triple quote problem in Pythonwin

Tim Peters tim_one at
Mon May 29 22:44:24 EDT 2000

> ... have come across a problem with triple quotes in Pythonwin
> build 125. For example, the following results in a
> "SyntaxError: invalid token" in Pythonwin:
> s="""
> or if I type in:
> """Here is a very long string that can
> if we wish span several...
> I get the "SyntaxError: invalid token" as well.

Works for me:

>>> s = """Here is
... a not so very
... long line"""
>>> s
'Here is\012a not so very\012long line'

That's pasted from a PythonWin build 125 shell.

> ... I am running Win98 Japanese version but I don't think the
> problem is related to the OS.

The above was from Win95 US.

Something to try:  at the end of the line, press & hold the Ctrl key while
you hit ENTER.  If that works, ask Mark Hammond to explain why; if that
doesn't work, ask Mark why it doesn't <wink>.

long-lines-short-lives-ly y'rs  - tim

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