Another more complete screen dump. Any ideas are appreciated.

rayleyva at rayleyva at
Mon May 15 18:28:14 CEST 2000

> I assume you have the recent py2pdf 0.5;


? which version of ReportLab?

reportlab 0.92

> What command line did you use?

Here's a quick dump straight from the screen :

C:\Apps\inet\Python\grail-0.6>python ../py2pdf/

Traceback (innermost last):

  File "../py2pdf/", line 1546, in ?


  File "../py2pdf/", line 1531, in main


  File "../py2pdf/", line 1397, in process

    self.writeFile(self.taggedData, inPath, outPath)

  File "../py2pdf/", line 1206, in writeFile

    self.writeData(data, inPath, outPath or self.outPath)

  File "../py2pdf/", line 1385, in writeData


  File "../py2pdf/", line 1294, in formatLine

    method(groups, eol)

  File "../py2pdf/", line 1348, in _formatKw

    self.formatLine(after, eol)

  File "../py2pdf/", line 1294, in formatLine

    method(groups, eol)

  File "../py2pdf/", line 1303, in _formatIdent


  File "../py2pdf/", line 1019, in addIdent

    c.bookmarkHorizontalAbsolute0(nameTag, pos)

  File "C:\Apps\inet\Python\reportlab\pdfgen\", line 362, in

    pageref = self._doc.thisPageRef()

  File "C:\Apps\inet\Python\reportlab\pdfbase\", line 333, in

    raise ValueError, "can't get thisPageRef -- not declared inPage"

ValueError: can't get thisPageRef -- not declared inPage

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