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>> >[BTW - drop them a line, and tell them they should fix their objects
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>> Can you fill me in with what in particular I should complain about?
>> Comments that RTTI was lacking brought the response that
>> QueryInterface was supported.
>Their IDispatch implementation should implement GetTypeInfo() - it should
>be quite trivial to do, as they already have the type info available, it
>just isnt connected to the objects at runtime.
>> Also, (did I already ask this?) I'm guessing that using the
>> EnsureModule approach will make DispatchWithEvents unavailable.
>> Reading suggests that there is an alternate (more complex?)
>> way.
>It _should_ work - but instead of passing a CLSID, pass the object
>itself - eg, instead of passing:
>ob = DispatchWithEvents("Foo.Bar", your_class)
>mod = gencache.EnsureModule(...)
>ob = mod.FooBar() # To work around the lack of type info.
>ob = DispatchWithEvents(ob, your_class)

Well, it almost works:(
When I try this, I get a traceback indicating an AttributeError on
GetTypeInfo. (thus confirming what you said about SolidWorks not
implementing GetTypeInfo().

Oh well. Maybe they'll fix it in a future release.


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