Case-sensitivity: why -- or why not? (was Re: Damnation!)

William Tanksley wtanksle at
Mon May 22 21:58:05 EDT 2000

On Mon, 22 May 2000 18:56:35 -0500, Albert Wagner wrote:
>The illiterate in every language, computer or natural, English or
>German, would prefer to ignore case, just as they would prefer to ignore
>punctuation and grammer. Case sensitivity adds expressiveness to a
>language, yet with no real overhead.  Case carries additional
>information for the readers of a language, information that is lost and
>obscured when case is ignored.

Wait a 'mo, though.  Information is only carried when there is a choice.
In a case insensitive language I, the programmer, can use capitalization
to convey information to my reader in a way that the compiler won't

So case insensitivity provides _more_ information-carrying capacity.  I've
always wanted to have covert channels in my Python code.  I mean, aside
from the comments :-).

But this isn't an argument _for_ case insensitivty, just a dismissal of
your argument against.  In fact, I've never seen an argument about which I
cared less.  I'm completely case insensitivity insensitive.

>Small is Beautiful

-William "Billy" Tanksley

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