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> >HD: I would just like to know how serious python is taken in the IT
industry and
> >HD: how it compares to something like Java.
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> >Larger companies probably do not take Python seriously. In the
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> 			.
> Larger companies like Intel, Motorola, Microsoft, Compaq, IBM, ...?
> See, for example,
> <URL:>.
> That's a cheap shot on my part.  Mr. Booth is right.  Conservative
> (in some sense) MIS departments *are* wont to scorn Python.  It can
> be tough getting approval from many of them to use Python for a
> project such as that under consideration here.
> It's worth it, though--*particularly*, I claim, for Web work.
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My management approves every language provided that it comes with the
box, no download.

As of now, only Perl, Tcl/Tk and Expect come with every Unix box. So I
am enjoying making ~ 85K writing programs in Perl & Tcl/Tk & Expect.

Unless Python/Ruby come with all Unix box, they have no future for me.
Yes, "unless" is very powerful in Perl.


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