Not well supported on the Mac?

John W. Baxter jwbnews at
Sun May 28 13:32:03 EDT 2000

I use BBEdit and sometimes Alpha when I write Python on the Mac.  And 
sometimes I use Just's IDE.

I use emacs when I write Python on our Unix and Linux machines.  I've 
never used IDLE (we don't run X).

Just, of course, will speak for himself.

   --John Baxter

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Sebille" <emile at> wrote:

> Just,
> As it happens, I was thinking of asking about Mac GUI's
> this morning.  ;-)  What do you use?
> Emile van Sebille
> emile at
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> From: Just van Rossum <just at>
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> > Python is in general pretty well supported on MacOS. However,
> Tk(inter) and
> > therefore IDLE are not so good, due to lack of interest: Jack & I
> don't use
> > Tkinter ourselves, and it's up to others to improve the situation...
> >
> > Just
> >

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