PyOpengl... gone forever?

Vetle Roeim vetler at
Mon May 22 18:53:40 CEST 2000

* Fredrik Lundh
> Pete Shinners <pshinners at> wrote:
> > i've asked once before, but i'm still lost here.
> > 
> > my top spies have informed me that pyopengl lives on
> > the starship at
> > 
> > this site has been inactive for too long now. 
> fwiw, that URL works just fine from here...

I believe Petes point was that the pages there says that the current
version is 1.5.5 (dated January 7th, 1999).

of course; it could be that they have built a dead solid code, and
there is no need to update it :-)

clean-room-development-ly y'rs, vr

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