Question re: cursorField using MySQLdb

chibaA at TinterlogD.Tcom chibaA at TinterlogD.Tcom
Wed May 10 19:00:22 EDT 2000

Sorry... let me clear up the pseudo-code a bit.

- read column title names (such as "name, email_address, etc.") -
already accomplished

- read in field info row by row for each column
	- IF data is a name, hyperlink here
	- IF data is an email_address, hyperlink somewhere else
	- IF yada, yada

Basic point, I need to find a way to test what column the each
cursorField value is, so that I can do the appropriate HTML coding for

Thanks again,


On Wed, 10 May 2000 22:55:05 GMT, chibaA at TinterlogD.Tcom wrote:

>I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to figure out how I can
>determine the column-type for a piece of data.  Here's an abbreviated
>snippet of code:
>01 for cursorRecord in resultSet:
>02        print "<tr>\n"
>03        for cursorField in cursorRecord:
>04                if key == 'email_address':
>05                        print "<td><a href=mailto:\"" + value +
>"\"><font face=verdana size=2>" + value + "</font></a>"
>06                else:
>07                        print "<td><font face=verdana
>Line 4 is the main culprit.  I've placed "key" in there for now - but
>that's not what I need.  
>Basic scenario - it's reading a line out of the table, with various
>pieces of data - like names, addresses, etc.  With email_address, I'd
>like to be able to add a <a href="mailto:email_address"> job into it -
>but I don't know how to address that specific piece of data.
>(.. maybe read the pseudo-code below, before you continue...)
>Sorry this is so confusing.  In the part before this, each of the
>cursorFieldNames & cursorDescriptions are read in (which correspond to
>the column names, such as name, email_address, etc.).  But I have no
>access to these labels when processing the cursorField, and
>cursorRecord fields.
>In pseudo-code, this is what I want to accomplish:
>- read in the column names & print them out in a table (DONE)
>- read in the fields row by row, AND treat each field of each column
>differently when placing it in the table
>	ie. fields under the names column might be linked somewhere;
>	fields under email_address might be linked to their email,
>Anyone have any ideas?  (it's probably a 2 second answer!)
>Additionally, I can't seem to get any specific information about
>commands for MySQLdb (maybe even with examples)... any ideas on where
>I could find some?

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