ANN: PythonPoint - PDF Presentation Slide Package

Andy Robinson andy at
Mon May 22 08:12:44 EDT 2000

PythonPoint, from ReportLab, is an Open Source package for making
presentation slides.  There's still time to use it for Monterey 2000!

Slides are defined in an XML syntax, and a Python script converts them into
a PDF document. It uses the ReportLab PDF library, the only pdf library to
expose advanced Acrobat presentation features. Capabilities include

- Outline tree for easy navigation
- Page transition special effects
- Full control over text attributes
- Vector images coded in Python
- Accepts bitmap images in most common formats
- Style sheets and templates - re-brand presentations in seconds!


Andy Robinson
CEO/Chief Architect, ReportLab Inc.

p.s. thanks to Tom Christensen, whose "PerlPoint" last year provided the
idea and the name.

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