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Tue May 2 19:39:59 EDT 2000

"Richard P. Muller" wrote:
> I will be giving a short course on Python to my research group
> (computational chemistry and materials science). I would like to raise
> the average level of programming ability in our group, so that more
> people can take on the "hard" programming projects that until now have
> only been undertaken by a few of the better programmers.

OK, I'm going to piggyback on Rick's question.

My son's school district has asked me to teach an introductory
programming class to some of the talented and gifted students this
summer. They want me to teach for eight days. 1.25 hours a day for 1-2
graders, 1.25 hours a day for 3-6 graders.

I want to use Python, but have no experience with Python on the Mac,
which is what the school district uses.

First question: what do I need to be careful of, if anything when using
Python on Mac?

Second question: does anyone know of any curriculum that could be
modified for both of these separate age groups where we can actually
cover any useful ground in such a short time period.

Third question: given that I don't really think there is a good answer
to the above question, what should I cover, and do the different age
groups need different coverages? (My kids are all less than seven years
old, so I don't really know about the skill levels of the older kids).

All input would be greatly appreciated.

One short anecdote about my six year old...

I put him to bed the other night and he said "Dad I have a great idea
for a computer game! It would be a cross between Donkey Kong and
Bomberman. Can we write it next weekend?"

He'll be part of my testbed for the introductory programming course!

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