commands.getstatusoutput on NT

Lee, Jaeho Jhlee at
Wed May 24 17:28:33 EDT 2000

I want to use commands.getstatusoutput on NT. I have some python script
works on Unix and I want to port it to NT. Except getstatusoutput,
everything is working fine. I made a simple test script.

import commands
r = commands.getstatusoutput("dir")
for s in r:
    print s

But r has the following error message.

The name specified is not recognized as an
internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

What did I do wrong? On Unix, commands.getstatusoutput("ls") works fine. If
there is any other method that does same job on NT, I can change my script.
What I want to do is run shell command and get the result.

Thanks in advance,

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