Java vs Python

Brent Fulgham brent.fulgham at
Thu May 18 20:36:24 CEST 2000

> My point was not that "world's funniest home videos" is *better*
> than "Masterpiece theatre" or anything on the Discovery channel.
> My point was that people should consider their choice of words
> and that *better* is very ambiguous as (your superlative here)
> can apply to numerous scenarios within the same comparison
> differently...
> Does WFHV reach a broader audience base - yea - are they uppity
> and "englightened" prolly not, but what does that have to do
> with better.
We're getting far off topic, but I have to say that the works
shown on "Masterpiece Theatre" generally have something important
to say about society, life, etc., and are worth seeing.

Watching some guy get hit in the nuts by his two-year-old on
WFHV does not have the same "lasting impact" on one's
development as a human being.

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