accesing socket at a lower level?

Z 3 Penguin z3penguin at
Thu May 18 14:58:03 EDT 2000

Cedric Adjih wrote in message <8g0ool$q09$3 at>...
>Z 3 Penguin <z3penguin at> wrote:
>> I am working on writing python code to access the AIM servers.  i have
>> looking at what my code sends out, and using something like
>> from socket import +ACo-
>> s+AD0-socket(AF+AF8-INET,SOCK+AF8-STREAM)
>> s.send(whateverstring)
>  Assuming the missing "s.connect(hostname, port)"
>(or "s.connect((hostname, port))"), your code looks correct.

>> tacks on some extra bytes at the beggining.  this confuses the AIM
>> Any ideas? (Note: I am not good with C and am against having to write
>> in C)
>Hmm... What told you there were some extra bytes at the beginning?
TCPDump Log.
>Are you sure:
>- AIM servers use TCP?
>- Python client is the problem?
Yes, because other AIM clients work fine.
>- Python socket C code is properly working?
Yeah, tryed it under both 1.5.2 (latest debian package) and 1.6a2 (tarball)
>  (maybe try in somewhere in the library of Python
>  -- /usr/lib/python1.5/test/ or whatever -- or try
>  one of the socker examples).

Also, tryed

from socket import *
socket.error: (93, 'Protocol not supported')

under 1.6a2
>-- Cedric

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