Q: Python Script vs. Win32 SendTo

Tom Vrankar no at spam.net
Sat May 13 00:37:20 EDT 2000

I'm trying to write a python script that I want to place in Win32's SendTo 
directory. I'm completely confused. I can drop shortcuts to various .exe files 
in there, and they do what I want. But a .py script... I got nuthin'.

I tried to edit the target of the shortcut to insert "python" (it's in my 
PATH), but that seemed to just run python on the file I sent to the shortcut, 
not the script referenced by the shortcut. I tried to define a new filetype 
with an extention of .sendto, with an Open action that would run the command 
line 'python script.py "%1"', but got same result.

I can approximate what I want by creating a batch file, and dropping it's 
shortcut in SendTo. I've editted the PIF to close on exit and run minimized, 
but it's unsightly, and slow, and DOS-ifies the paths of the files I send to 

Anyone have any suggestions for the "correct" way to write a sendto-able 
script in python? Thanks for any ideas.


                                               Tom Vrankar
                                            twv at ici.net
                                         Rhode Island, USA

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