ReportLab 0.93 Released

Robin Becker robin at
Fri May 19 11:31:20 EDT 2000

ReportLab 0.93 Released

ReportLab Inc. Proudly releases ReportLab 0.93 an improved version
of its PDF generation software.

You can get the software from

Main Changes

The default font encoding has been changed from macRoman
to winAnsi as this is reputedly more common. The default
encoding for Symbol remains macRoman, however.

The canvas class has been significantly upgraded. Outlines
can be generated.
PDF Forms are now possible.

The platypus document layout software has been improved.
Variable page layouts.

Intra paragraph style changes using sgml type tags, you can change
the colour size and style of text.

Paragraphs now split across column/page ends.


Andy Robinson's pythonpoint demo has been upgraded; it shows the use of
outlines and various other new features.

Dinu Gherman has contributed this python --> PDF converter
It has nice features and colorization. A patch to make idle
use py2pdf is available at

this patch works with this release or a cutdown version of py2pdf
and reportlab which could be installed in the tools subdirectory
alongside idle. This cutdown version is at

A sample text printing demo is, or
which can be used to show speed and or formatting capability.

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