Automating PBEM game

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Tue May 16 09:24:55 EDT 2000

This is all pretty straight forward in python.

You need to get some basic knowledge of your subject though, so peruse

You should be looking at files, perhaps re or if it's really simple you
could just use the string module, and then the email libraries (perhaps
poplib and smtplib) in the standard librarie to work with mail. You even get
some nice examples.


Martijn van der Kooij <DeleteThisDev at> wrote in message
news:8frckk$n7e$1 at
> Hi,
> I'm currently looking for the best way to automate a PBEM (Play By E-Mail)
> game.
> The following is needed:
> * Run a game on regular times (1 to 5 times a week) by starting a
>   and send some on hard disk stored files to the players (email adres can
>   put into the name of the file or as first line in the file)
> * Get mail from a Pop3 account and look for a certain subject: 'orders'
>   found this message must be saved to disk and a executable has to be
> started
>   with this file as parameter; as a result a file has to be send to the
> sender of the
>   orders
> I've no experience with Python, but a lot with other languages on windows
> 32.
> Do anyone here have a suggestion and or examples how to implement
> like this?
> Martijn van der Kooij
> http:\\\mkgal

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