What's in a name?

Mikael Olofsson mikael at isy.liu.se
Thu May 25 08:32:49 CEST 2000

On 25-May-00 Courageous wrote:
 >  Of course, we human beings can deal with mount everest and Mount Everest
 >  and know they are the same thing. Likewise joe kraska is Joe Kraska, and
 >  so on. In plain English, case appears to be optional for the most part,
 >  only assisting readers in reading, I think. Can you name some situations
 >  in reading and writing english (heh) where case is essential to being
 >  understood?

In another one of these case-threads, someone did give a number of 
examples. For the moment I remember one of them:

  Do you like china?
  Do you like China?

Here china is what you might have on your table and China is a place
with many many people.

 >  I still think that "we don't care if we break prior code and not maintain
 >  backward compatibility" is a really bad idea, though.

Let's say that out loud, everyone.


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