COM question

David Lees debl.nospamm at
Mon May 1 03:31:18 CEST 2000

I am working examples in Hammond book on Python.  How do I get a list of
names of COM objects?  I am on page 67 and and to know how to figure out
what is the name for a Microsoft Word object.  In the example it is
referred to as:
"Word.Application", but this gives a name error.  I am doing the client
call correctly, because when I substitute "Excel.Application" or
"Access.Application"  I have not problem opening and closing Excel or
Access.  Apparently Word must have a different name for COM stuff on my
system, so I thought that if someone can tell me how to look at the list
of COM objects the name will be obvious.  I have Norton Utility under
Win95 OSR2, so I can easily look at the Registry (though as a Win95
newbie, much of it is not intelligible)

Thanks in advance.

David Lees

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