Network statistics program

Simon tomega at
Wed May 17 05:54:16 CEST 2000

The time module has a sleep function.  Put time.sleep(60) at the end of a cycle
and it will wait 60 seconds before starting the cycle.


Greg Fortune wrote:

>     I'm currently working on a program that will run some network statistics
> for me over the span of months.  I want to send a ping every minute, collect
> the results, and then store that information in a database.  I think I can
> get everything working, but the issue of the one minute interval is killing
> me.  How do I make my program just sit there and do nothing until the system
> clock says it has been a minute?  Never before have I *tried* to make a
> program do nothing  :).
>     I consider a while loop with a pass statement or a time check, but that
> seems like it would take up processor cycles for little reason.
>     I also considered letting ping handle the interval and just use ping as
> the piped input. Although this may be the simplest solution for me at this
> time, I really want to learn how to implement delay.
> Any help is greatly appreciated,
> Greg Fortune

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