Why should I switch to Python?

Grant Griffin g2 at seebelow.org
Fri May 12 17:50:08 EDT 2000

Paul Winkler wrote:
> Yes, it does. :) More to the point, I got too frustrated with
> staring at man perldsc and man perllol trying to understand it. Can
> you explain the meaning of each bit of punctuation on that line?
> Faced with something I thought should be simple, but took up 1200
> lines in the perl man pages, I gave up. I got to like perl because
> it was easy; I gave up on it because I needed complex data
> structures and they were driving me crazy. I'm really honestly
> impressed that you can do it with no trouble, but I think a lot of
> people who need scripting languages will have a similar reaction to
> mine: "This is too hard!"

If there were some overall benefit to it, it might be worth it.  But
Python shows us that all that junk isn't necessary.

(then-again-neither-was-this-<wink>)-ly y'rs,


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