Auto-insert of colons in Emacs

Robin Becker robin at
Thu May 18 03:18:03 EDT 2000

In article <8fvl63$seb9 at>, Peter Milliken
<peter.milliken at> writes
>Hi John,
>To quote a famous recent email "Why hobble your mind with a detail the
>computer can figure out for itself?" :-)
>Have a look at true language sensitive editing using Emacs at
>I have just updated the minor mode (you will see it if you haunt
>gnu.emacs.sources) and added a new template language for Python :-) So, now
>you can get the computer to generate all of the syntax and you just supply
>the variable names :-) This mode works with any major mode, not just Python,
>there are language templates for C, Ada, Emacs-Lisp etc

WOW! Does this mean I can install emacs and go home? If only the
variable names are missing can't we just get emacs to generate random
ones? I know emacs is big, but!! :)

>I have only just started learning Python, so I don't claim the templates are
>perfect but I have been using them for a couple of days now without
>problems. If there is something you don't like let me know and I will fix it
>(full instructions on how the templates work and how to modify them are
>included in the 45+ page user manual :-)).
>Any questions, please don't hesitate to call :-)
Robin Becker

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