Java vs Python

Roman Milner roman at
Mon May 15 03:47:06 EDT 2000

>>>>> "HD" == Huy Do <huy at> writes:

    HD> Hi, I would just like to know how serious python is taken in
    HD> the IT industry and how it compares to something like Java.

    HD> 3 Which is faster eg. Java servlets or Python CGI with
    HD> mod_python ?

Don't know about that - but there is some strong evidence that Zope
(python based application server) is faster than servelets:

    HD> Please do not interpret this message as an excuse to discredit
    HD> java or python. I am about to start a major web project using
    HD> Java but have been referred to python as an alternative so I
    HD> am investigating this option.

I think any major web project should consider Zope.  It has
transformaed the way I think of web development.  FWIW, I work at a
moderate sized telco and we do all of our web sites in Zope.

More on Zope at:


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