case sensitivity and XML

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Thu May 25 12:32:45 CEST 2000

In article <392B40F0.324E0189 at>, Greg Ewing
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>Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>> so why not enforce these rules, just like we're enforcing the
>> indentation rules:
>>     >>> class foo:
>>     SyntaxError: Class name should be Foo
>There are some precedents for this. Smalltalk requires
>global variable names to start with a capital. HUGS
>distinguishes type names from other names by whether
>they start with a capital. Some Eiffel compilers chide
>you if you don't spell class names in ALLUPPERCASE and
>other names in alllowercase.

I don't think I could return to programming in a language that
_required_ capitalisation or uppercase to indicate the purpose or
function of some name.  I'm reminded of old Basic where a string was
indicated with a $ or somesuch.  Isn't that a little like Perl.   Almost

Ian Parker

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