[FAQTS] Python Knowledge Base Update -- May 10th, 2000

Fiona Czuczman fiona at sitegnome.com
Fri May 12 11:20:50 EDT 2000

Mikael Olofsson wrote:
> On 12-May-00 LUK ShunTim wrote:
>  >  I think what Fiona compile is very useful, especially to one like me who
>  >  is quite new to python.
>  >  and its nature IMO is for information more than for discussion, hence
>  >  the idea of another list.
>  >  I don't mean not to send it to the python list; it's certainly a good
>  >  thing that people who post knows that their posting is being summarized,
>  >  as Fiona pointed out. What I'd like to see is a _second_ option where
>  >  people who may not want ~130 messages _more_ a day can get it without
>  >  being on the python list. I may turn to the digest if I find the number
>  >  of messages to much for me.
> I didn't think of that. It's a splendid idea.

Since I've just begun doing the summaries I think it might be a little
premature to set up an additional mailing list; currently it is only a
partial daily summary.  Give me a few weeks to get into the swing of
things, if it's going well we can think again about setting up a new
mailing list... Sound reasonable?

Fiona Czuczman

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