python book recommendations?

Courageous jkraska1 at
Sat May 13 02:45:04 EDT 2000

Dana Booth wrote:
> Firehawk343 <bronsn at> wrote:
> F: I'm new to Pyhton and would appreciate advice on what book(s) will help me
> F: ramp up the fastest.
> If you already program, David Beasly's "Python Essential Reference" is very
> good. Another plus is that the book is high quality. My O'Reilly books
> always seem to fall apart quickly.

I just got that book today, and have looked over most of it. Very
good book. After Beazely's book, it will be web pages, grepping
through html, and searching all the way (to wit: you will have
outgrown normal learning channels).


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