Robert Citek rwcitek at uci.edu
Tue May 16 15:08:41 EDT 2000

At 12:13 PM 5/16/00 -0400, François Pinard wrote:
>Robert Citek <rwcitek at uci.edu> writes:
>> The join method is fine for converting lists to strings, but doesn't work
>> for converting lists to tuples.  However, lambda works nicely here:
>> reduce(lambda x, y: x + (y,), somenames, ())
>Why not just  tuple(somenames)  ?
>François Pinard   http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~pinard

Because it was late and my brain works in weird ways sometimes.  Or maybe I
was just pleased with myself thinking that I could actually create
something with reduce and lambda and that it worked.  :-)

Thanks for pointing out the obvious and helping me write better code.

- Robert

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