__len__ and boolean values - small language change

Andrew Cooke andrew at andrewcooke.free-online.co.uk
Mon May 8 19:33:17 CEST 2000

In article <m366spt1x6.fsf at atrus.jesus.cam.ac.uk>,
  Michael Hudson <mwh21 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Andrew Cooke <andrew at andrewcooke.free-online.co.uk> writes:
> [snip]
> > Is there a special method that I can override to provide boolean
> > in tests, or is __len__ called directly?
> You want __nonzero__:

excellent.  thanks v much.  on a meta-level it's also demonstrated to me
that the module index doesn't include entries for the language reference
;-)  sorry...


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