NumPy and FFT

MrBlue jad at
Sun May 21 19:09:11 EDT 2000


I installed NumPy to use the FFT function.
I have a 1D array (say a) which contains real data (of wind velocity v(t))
taken at a fixed sampling rate (5 Hz) i.e I have a file which contains 1
measurement per line and I'd like to take the FT of these data, i.e having a
2D array (say b) which would contain omega in one column and the complex
value (FT(v(t)))(omega) in another column for different values of omega.
which function do i have to use in order to get b = FT(a) ?
The fft function gives a 1D array as an output
Any insight would be strongly appreciated.

Jad Courbage
Physics Department
McGill University

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