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Greg Ewing greg at
Thu May 4 22:13:05 EDT 2000

Will Ware wrote:
> Ancient civilizations like
> the Phonecians (sp?) and Babylonians had records relating to trade,

No, that was the Phoenicians. The Phonecians developed a
primitive form of communication using small clay pots linked
together with long pieces of string. Archaeologists have
unearthed the ruins of a building that was located at the
centre of a village, with the rotting remains of strings
leading from it to many of the dwellings. It is thought to
have been an early form of telephone exchange, in which
teams of clerks switched calls by rapidly tying and untying
pieces of string. The word Tal'ee-kom was inscribed over
the door in ancient Phonecian letters, which translates
roughly to "thoughts flying like the wind".

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