hungarian notation is evil (was Re: Do I always have to write "self." ?)

Francis Glassborow francis at
Thu May 18 13:59:57 CEST 2000

In article <3923444A.ABD7182 at>, Courageous
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>>  Not being able to read the code of a
>> competent programmer probably indicates your own level of inadequacy.
>You should have kept this last remark to yourself; suppose to
>yourself that even if you are right, sometimes right remarks
>in particular are best left unspoken.

Unfortunately one deficiency of the English language is difficulty with
disambiguating uses of 'your'.  My remark was not intended to apply to
you or anyone else in particular. However if I have a piece of code that
is written by someone whose expertise I respect and I cannot understand
it then my first question is about my own competency. There is a
phenomenal amount of badly written code in any language that gains any
degree of popularity. Those who seek 'the one true language' are
responsible for a fair amount of it.

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