AI and Python

Peter Norvig peter at
Wed May 17 23:13:10 CEST 2000

You make a good observation that AI and operations research have a large
overlap in the problems they address: basically, what is the right
program or policy to decide what to do in a complex, uncertain
environment?  It is a crime that the fields developed independently with
little interaction, but in the last five or ten years this has changed,
and AI now encompasses OR techniques, and is much better suited for
dealing with real-world programs.


François Pinard wrote:
> "lexberezhny" <lexberezhny at> writes:
> > I was wondering if anyone has dont any artificial inteligence with Python.
> I once followed some AI courses in theoretical computer science, and later
> worked for years in a few local AI laboratories.  The overall impression
> that remained from the whole adventure is a lot of fuss, and many buzzwords
> wrapping not that many results. :-)
> Later in my life, I returned to university and took operation research.
> In many occasions, we were using almost the same "AI" algorithms as before
> to solve equivalent problems, without ever using "AI" in our discussions
> and without any kind of fuss, just calmly seeking some results among other
> sets of results.  I felt much more comfortable in that humble efficiency.
> ...

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