Java vs Python

Dave Simons nospam.mrquiz at
Thu May 25 11:32:58 CEST 2000

We've tracked down the source of the following rumour to
glyph at (Glyph Lefkowitz) on the jeu., 18 mai
2000 20:09:02 GMT : 

>Marketability?  Hm.  The thing that makes Java marketable is
>the tremendous amount of money that Sun has poured into
>getting it into every trade rag that they could possibly
>find.  Fellow pythonistas, short of getting Guido to use the
>time machine for material gain 
><wink> is there any way we can effectively market Python as a
>competitor to a language / platform with that kind of
>agressive force behind it?...

I wasn't taking too much notice at the time, so can anyone tell 
me how much marketing went into C to make it the biggest-selling 
language the world has ever known?

Yours smilingly,



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