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Jim Richardson warlock at
Wed May 3 01:39:34 EDT 2000

On Tue, 02 May 2000 14:32:31 +1000, 
 Rod., in the persona of <rpalmer at>,
 brought forth the following words...:

>: >Hmm, maybe in an older version.  The script (syntax/2html.vim) that comes
>: >with Vim 5.6 converts tabs to spaces according to your current 'tabstop'
>: >setting.
>: > 
>: Just when I think Vim has no more surprises for me:)
>: (Jim, who just wishes Vim used python as a macro language.)
>you can embed python in vim (its an option when building 5.6),
>and then manipulate your current edit buffer and the 'ed' comands from python
>scripts from within vim. 
>Ive used it a bit, and its cool... just a little slow, so you
>end up doing things in vi mostly anyway :/

Cool, yet another reason to get no sleep tonight...

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