[ANNOUNCE] CCQ BBS System Alpha Release 0.01

jsolbrig at my-deja.com jsolbrig at my-deja.com
Fri May 5 04:45:17 EDT 2000

Announcing the release of CCQ Bulletin Board System, application server
and  BBS language alpha 0.01.

The CCQ System is a series of python language scripts designed to
ultimately allow web-interactivity to be easily added to any web page.
The CCQ system is implemented in python and should run on any web
server running python 1.5. It has been tested with apache for both
windows and linux.

The main feature of this alpha release is a fairly full featured BBS
It allows multiple subtopics,nests text-comments within text and has
a simple and powerful administrative interface. Rather than being
graphically dazzling, this board demonstrates CCQ's ability to create a
variety of user data views (like stand-alone outline processor)- as
to the "normal" BBS which is generally tied to finite numbers that are
designed into the application and can only be changed in a limited
number of ways.

The system is designed also to act as a  web application server and
add automatic interactivity with an ordinary web sites. The next release
should include a working system of this sort.

The system is further customizable using it's own rich "very, very" high
level language (If we call Python a "very high level language"). Similar
XSLT, XPath, or PIA, this language compactly and flexibly expresses
interactive and hierarchical relations. It ultimately will allow an
variety of interactive -views to be inserted into a web site using a
tag. Rather than simply being framework for making these seperate
systems easy to develop, the system is designed to ultimately unify
multiple bulletin boards, calendars, interactive pages, and automated
faqs into a single interactive system.

Future releases may include migration of the CCQ language to XSLT
or other standard server-side tagging systems, and use of the SOAP

The BBS is distributed as open source (essentially the same as the Zlib

Contact jsolbrig at webcom.com

<P><A HREF="http://www.crucialquestions.com">CCQ BBS Alpha 0.01</A>
This python-based system for adding rich interactivity to a web site
includes a multi-topic bulletin board.  (4MAY-00)

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